Refrigerant Gases

Mihama Refrigerant Gases HFC R-404a

HFC R-404a

HFC R- 404A is an established alternative to R-22 and R-502. Please note that for reduced GWP, HFC R-407A offers a good alternative.

Composition (wt%) R-143a/R-125/R-134a = 52/44/4
Property S.I. Units Value British Units Value
Molecular Weight kg/kmol 97.6 lbm/lbmol 97.6
Critical Temperature °C 72.05 °F 161.68
Critical Pressure bara 37.29 psia 540.83
Critical Density kg/m3 486.54 lb/ft3 30.37
Atmospheric Bubble Point °C -46.2 °F -51.2
Atmospheric Dew Point °C -45.5 °F -49.8
Latent Heat of Vapourisation at Atmospheric Pressure kJ/kg 199.61 BTUIT/lb 85.82
Saturated Vapour Density at Atmospheric Pressure* kg/m3 5.48 lb/ft3 0.34
Liquid Vapour Pressure @25°C bara 12.5 psia 182
Coefficient of Volumetric Thermal Expansion for Saturated Liquid at 25°C °C-1 0.00495 °F-1 0.00275
Speed of Sound* for Saturated Vapour at 25°C m/s 133.8 ft/s 438.94
Adiabatic Exponent* for Saturated Vapour at 25°C 1.37 1.37
Latent Heat of Vapourisation at 25°C kJ/kg 138.99 BTUIT/lb 59.75
Saturated Vapour Density at 25°C* kg/m3 65.27 lb/ft3 4.07
Saturated Vapour Density at 0°C* kg/m3 30.47 lb/ft3 1.9
* Vapour composition as per bulk refrigerant at dew point