Chemical Sourcing

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Chemical Sourcing

We have team of experts in sourcing chemicals, food products from India for overseas customers at most competitive prices with uncompromising best quality products. Being a Japanese company, you can be rest assured as we maintain complete secrecy and professional approach while working for your sourcing assignments.

representative list of products- sourcing

  • High Purity chemicals for Electronic application
  • High purity chemicals for Oral care , Food & Disinfectants
  • Acetates (Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium etc.)
  • Metal Oxides ( Zinc, Lead, Magnesium, Iron ,etc)
  • Sulphides ( Zinc, Cuprous)
  • Bromides, Fluorides & Chlorides
  • Bromo & Fluoro Quaternary Amines
  • Carbonates & Silicates
  • Phosphine derivatives
  • * Product list only representative list, kindly do contact us for your specific requirements

Business Model for strategic sourcing